working on "Every Baby Needs a Da Da Daddy"

I have a voice lesson coming up to work on a Marilyn song I've wanted to have for a long time.  For years, I couldn't find "Every Baby Needs a Da Da Daddy" on karaoke or sheet music, but I have both now, and my teacher and I will get it performance ready.  It's a cute little gold-diggery song that Marilyn sang in "Ladies of the Chorus" in 1949.


Galaxy of Stars

I went to see "Galaxy of Stars" yesterday at the Santa Fe Station.  Gary Anthony as Frank Sinatra was the MC, and there were a few other great impersonators in the show.  It was to benefit the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.


Singing gig on Saturday

I sang a few songs at a birthday party on Saturday.  Charlie the Clown was there for the kids, and Michael Sinatra sang several songs as well.  The first photo is Charlie and me, the second one is all of us with the birthday girl, and the third is the birthday girl and me.  It was a fun party by the lake, and I was glad to be a part of it!  


Working on the Gold Dress


Upcoming gig

I'm looking forward to my gig in Lake Las Vegas on Saturday.  I sing, "Happy Birthday," more than anything.  Marilyn is so popular for birthdays  On Saturday, I get to sing several songs.  I'll take my little portable karaoke machine, and sing my little heart out!