Fun "Diamonds" gig

Last night I had a very fun gig for a huge Marilyn fan.  I sang, "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend," in the iconic pink dress.  It was a little group of 4 at Sage in Aria, and they were delightful!


Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

Marilyn would be 89 years old today!  I'm singing, "Happy Birthday, Miss Icon!" in my head! I wonder if she knows how adored and remembered she still is.


working on a new video

I had a video shot of a recent bus tour on the 6th, and it was very windy that night  The wind makes quite an impact on the sound, so we'll have to boost it in some areas.  We worked on the video a bit today, choosing segments on which to work.  We'll find some gems in here! Thanks Lonnie Bell from Mama's Boy Produtions for the great video shoot.


Show Bus of the Stars 

Wednesday night I performed on the Show Bus of the Stars up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, and got some new video.  I didn't get photos taken, but here are some shots that my friend, Roy took.


Tomorrow's showbus

For years I've worked for the Showbus of the Stars as Marilyn.  We ride up and down Las Vegas Boulevard on an open top double decker bus, and I sing Marilyn songs, and share a little Vegas trivia while in character.  I have video of one from about 6 years ago, but I'm going to get it in HD tomorrow night!  I'm looking forward to it!